Featuring the unconventional and bohemian inspired jewelry of Madison artist Tami Reschke!


Here's where you'll find the Boho Bauble this weekend! 

I'm taking Saturday off so I can be in my studio and get some new stuff made!

Sunday, September 21st from 11AM-4PM, the Tip Top Tavern on North Street! 




Get more news here:



Contact # 608-333-BOHO (2646)












You can find my items for sale at the following LOCAL venues:

UW Hospital Gift Shop(Madison Summer jewelry only)

http://www.bangmadison.com/ (Earrings only)

http://www.littleluxuriesmadison.com/ (Earrings only)

http://nutzymutz.com/(Earrings only-Midvale location only)

http://cluckthechickenstore.com/ (rooster jewelry only)

http://www.3orangedoors.com/ (Madison Summer jewelry only)

www.shopthepurplegoose.com (Earrings only)

www.karnerbluecandle.com (Madison SUmmer jewelry only) )

www.catalystmadison.com (Gearrings only)

You can find my items in other areas here:

phoenixgalleryks.com/search.php (lawrence, KS)

www.dancingbearshop.com/dancbear/ (Sturgeon Bay, Door County, WI.



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